The sunroof liner of our Toyota Corolla had busted out of its rail from bumping my head on it. I took it to several car shops in Louisville, including a place that was going to charge me $250 just for labor to get it out! One of the places gave up and told me there was nothing they could do. I eventually stopped by Volksdoktor as a last resort, told them what happened, and one of their mechanics came out and took a look at the problem. He was able to jimmy it out. The guy took time out of his day to help me, and didn't even charge me anything. I highly recommend this place for car troubles!

Orlando Grimany-Calas,

This place is simply amazing, some of the friendliest and most helpful people I have ever met. My TDI had some weird issues and left me stranded near the shop but I was able to limp it there and when i pulled in it was 30 minutes past closing. The owner was locking up but he personally delayed his going home on a friday evening to help diagnose the problem and get me the parts I needed. He even went as far as calling a mechanic to confirm the diagnosis. I won't ever buy parts from anyone else.

Mr. Martin Hammond,