Tires, Brakes – Import Cars Service and Repairs for Louisville Kentucky, KY

A new report by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department has concluded that the crash that killed actor Paul Walker last November 30 was due to speed and 9-year-old tires. The report also determined that mechanical failure did not contribute to the crash, but two 9-year-old tires did. The law enforcement officials concluded that speed going…
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How To Read Your Tire for Air Pressure, Repairs or Service

 How To Read Your Tire for Air Pressure, Repairs or Service ImportDoktor, formerly known as the VolksDoktor in Louisville Kentucky, KY, a specialist for repairs and service of most any and all imports including: Volkswagen, VW Passat / Touareg, Honda, Toyota, Audi, BMW, and other foreign cars. The sidewall of a car's tire has important…
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2016 Ford Mustang Review and Repairs & Service . . . if you need it!

2016 Ford Mustang GT Coupe WHAT WE LIKE: Approaching the midway point of our long-term Ford Mustang’s 40,000-mile review, the 2016 GT continues to largely please drivers with its rev-happy, 435-hp 5.0-liter V-8 and sinister, blacked-out mien. Its Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires are long gone, and the return of 0.94 g of lateral grip from the…
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