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Getting Your Vehicle Ready For Summer

Summer's heat, dust, and stop-and-go traffic, will take their toll on your vehicle. Add the effects of last winter, and you could be poised for a breakdown needing service and repairs for your VW, Audi, Honda, BMW, Lexus Louisville KY or Toyota.  You can lessen the odds of mechanical failure through periodic maintenance...Your vehicle should…
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The Most Loved and Hated Cars for Drivers & Buyers in America

The most hated car company in America is [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="417"] Car Import Repair Service for Louisville KY[/caption] Would you buy your car again?If you own a Mercedes, your relationship with your car may be something akin to love (admit it, you’ve gazed longingly at that finely engineered machine). But if you own an…
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2015 Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon Mid-Size Pickups for Louisville KY

2015 Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon Mid-Size Pickups - A Review, Information & Brochure The number of new mid-size pickup trucks has dwindled in recent years, leaving many analysts to wonder what might have been. The speculation will end soon, because a new pair of mid-size trucks is finally nearing showrooms--and in due course, they will…
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